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Help & Info about Monopoly for mac

  • What is Monopoly for Mac?

    Monopoly for Mac is a digital version of the classic board game for use on desktop and laptop computers. It features the same fun and exciting gameplay of the board game but with the convenience and wide-reaching networks of players that only a video game can offer. Like the original, players buy up property and charge players for landing on their spaces with the hopes of bankrupting opponents.
  • Is Monopoly for Mac free?

    The complete version of Monopoly for Mac is not free, however, users can download and play a trial version of the software before making the purchase. If they enjoy the game, they can pay a one-time fee that grants them access to additional features. Different versions of the game are also available on other platforms, some of which are free to play.
  • Is Monopoly safe?

    Monopoly is safe to download and play on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. It does not carry with it viruses or malware. It is also family friendly and fun for all ages, which means there is no content that can’t be shown to children.
  • How do I install Monopoly?

    Monopoly can be installed by downloading the application from an official or third-party source. Once the file is downloaded, it can be set-up and installed. For mobile versions of the game, once the application is downloaded, it can be played immediately.
  • Does Monopoly work on both mobile and desktop?

    Monopoly for Mac works exclusively on Mac laptop and desktop computers, however, many versions of the classic game exist on a number of different platforms that allow users to play on almost any device.
  • What other platforms is Monopoly available on?

    In addition to Mac computers, Monopoly can be downloaded and played in one form or another on Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows computers.
  • Are the rules for Monopoly for Mac the same as the board game version?

    While some rules and guidelines for the game have been slightly altered to account for a new medium, the most common rules and essence of the game remains intact. Players still buy properties and build houses and hotels with the hope of bankrupting opponents and creating a monopoly.
  • How difficult is Monopoly?

    Monopoly varies in difficulty, usually depending on the skill level of opponents. The game is easy to learn, however, when it comes time to use strategy to influence others and make trade deals, there isn’t always a clear-cut path to victory.
  • Can I play Monopoly with friends?

    Yes, Monopoly can be played with friends online. Players can also challenge other opponents from the network and compete as much as they like.
  • What permissions does Monopoly require?

    Monopoly for Mac does not require any permissions that will impede gameplay if they’re not allowed. For mobile versions of the game, users may be asked to allow the application to send push notifications in order to remind users to play. Similarly, it may ask for access to contacts in order to invite friends to play.


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