Monopoly for Palm OS

Play the world's most popular trading game on your Palm, Sony or Handspring PDA

Now you can play the world's most popular property trading game on your Palm Powered™ PDA and experience the thrill of owning it all right in the palm of your hand! Buy, sell, rent, and auction property with up to 4 players!

Practice your Monopoly skills at any time by playing against up to three computer opponents with 8 different "identities" and playing styles. Or you can mix any combination of real people and computer players in any game.

If you have ever played the classic board game then you'll immediately know how to play on your Palm Powered PDA. The computer plays the role of the "Banker" so it automatically, accurately, and completely scores every player, every play and every game.

The Monopoly game for Palm Powered PDAs includes the ability to auction properties, buy/sell houses and hotels, mortgage/unmortgage properties and even set up complex trades with other players.

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Monopoly 1.2.3

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